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Old 16-06-08, 05:26 PM
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Thumbs up Well done Rotorua

Have thanked others so without exception, this is for you Rotorua..Okataina rally, Well done !!

Started Friday night, with light hearted humour, and a great fire for comfort, boy was it hot in the room at times.

Every person was made to feel welcome and the light hearted banter was the norm, as the night rolled along so did the fun, Mad Max from Tauranga, had the camera out doing his bit but the prize went to the Gizze Auck table, sorry Roselee but again I have to name you, hope I do not give you too much or a reputation ( lovely lass full of fun) but roselee and her friend did the table act, yep I think they had everyones attention here, they had a comp into building blocks who could make the highest mountain of cans whilst kneeling on the table, and at times wriggling their butts, but I (think that gesture was for balance TEHE) absolutely nothing to do with a bottle place appropriately to use as a chair, then the darts started all good fun..

Saturday was all good a lot went for rides into the wilderness, some went for walkies in the bush some did both..
Nat com had their co-ordinators meeting, I think only to enjoy the company at the rally, then the night rolled on ..Band started (thanks Men nice to listern to) ..

A short while after the band started it stopped to have some personal entertainment, we were entertained firstly by a strip tease behind a door as a silhouette, robe came off then panties bra, "pant pant", then when the music stopped the door opened and our stripper emerged almost stark naked ha ha I shall tell you no more go next year to Okataina they may well have the same act, this was followed by another act that was absolutley fab, (Neil I shall get your wifes name right I hope) Joyce, poor lady had me calling her Jocelyn most of the night sorry Joyce..But any way Joyce did and opera theme dressed in costume it was beautiful to listern to, your singing was lovely, this was followed by our Gizze actor (vic Pres) Des who with his lovely assistant produced one of the biggest penises you could imagine whilst using his ukalele, yep u guessd it shall leave that there too... later we danced the night away..

As for the food a big thank you to all in Rotorua it was endless if you went hungry well then you were to blame and only you....

Thanks Rotorua and for the company at the rally, we shall be back....

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