Membership renewal

$ 10.00$ 258.00

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Membership Renewal is due before the start of the year to which it applies i.e. before the “Expires” date on your membership card. For payments after this date, please use the “+ Late fee” option to add late fee of $10.

Joint membership allows a 10% discount on the membership portion of the renewal fee (i.e. not the overseas membership additional charge or the late fee) and is available to couples residing at the same address. Both members opting for joint membership can receive the 10% discount and retain all their existing benefits and entitlements. Each member must renew separately. If there is any question about eligibility for joint membership please contact the Club Administrator.

Two additional options are now available. Wanting Hard Copy magazine renewal, or Not wanting hard copy renewal. In the case of wanting a hard copy magazine, subscriptions increase by $10 per year.